Prêt-à-porter Fine Food

The traditional recipes of Piedmontese cuisine, handed down from generation to generation since 1600 within the family Genovesio, reflect with harmony the classic flavors of regional cooking, gently married with classic flavors of traditional cuisine.

The search for naturalness in the tradition drives us to choose for our own recipes only the best ingredients, the most fresh and healthy, less processed, in order to give back to everyday life the ancient and genuine flavors, forgotten by the most.

Similarly, our experienced chefs do not use any additive to preserve, except the natural ones such as olive oil, vinegar, lemon and salt. Our creations reflect, hence, with love the wealth of historical traditions, local and regional, and respect the culinary diversity of individuals, bringing directly to your home from our kitchen, from the chef and from the pastry, special recipes and products packaged and ready to be used, with all the care and love of the good things of the past.

Per acquistare le dolcezze e le prelibatezze della Locanda La Posta potete vistare il nostro ONLINE SHOP oppure recarvi allo spaccio di Locanda La Posta- Agroalimenta che è aperto ogni giorno, dalle ore 9,30 alle ore 17,30 a CAVOUR, in via Pinerolo 208/a.